TRUMPETSUPERGROUP celebrates improvisation, jazz, classical, and the virtuosic possibilities of trumpet performance!

Accompanied by piano trio, TRUMPETSUPERGROUP explores the range of beauty and virtuosity of trumpet playing — from the energy of “New York tempo” hard bop jazz, beautiful Bach-like improvisations, or from the glorious trumpet tone in a poignant original ballad, to a cornetist’s ode to Bix Beiderbecke and Herbert L. Clarke.  Effortlessly moving from jazz to classical and back, TRUMPETSUPERGROUP devises a rich American musical landscape where boundaries between old and new styles are challenged. TRUMPETSUPERGROUP draws inspiration from both musical worlds, classical and jazz — keeping one eye on virtuosity, the other on the intent to leave the listener elevated and elated.

There are many approaches to playing the trumpet, and many style options to choose to emphasize as a trumpet performer — for example, imagine on stage together Louis Armstrong, Maurice Andre, Miles Davis, and Rafael Mendez!  TRUMPETSUPERGROUP is a collage of emphasis. Mike Olmos can play hard bop jazz better than anyone west of the Mississippi. Mario Guarneri has as beautiful and efficient a sound on the trumpet of anyone on the planet — and thus can play with ease things that are frighteningly technically difficult. Dave Len Scott plays with a beautiful classical sound, and is also comfortable with the high-compression concept of lead trumpet playing — but always with a singing tone. Doug Morton is as comfortable playing free jazz as he is playing principal trumpet in the Santa Rosa Symphony.

“ When we come together and play, we are inspired by the talents and emphasis of our esteemed colleagues. What we choose to improvise, and the character of our individual styles can take on greater meaning in the context of the collage of the group.”
— Dave Len Scott